Little things make everything better. Little effort makes all the difference. It shows you that someone cares, and that trust doesn’t fall far from that. The simplest things a person does to get your attention, to catch a glimpse of your smile or feel the touch of your skin.

He helps me fall asleep with all the cute words he tells me. I swear every time I hear his favorite songs, my heart skips a beat when it turns on. He touched my hand every once in a while and it’d feel like my body is flustered with butterflies. It’s so corny but it’s true. Those things make all the difference. Copying me, little by little, until I caught him trying to impress me. He understands me and I connect with him. We can tell each other anything, we never judge or feel our boundaries break. He has all my attention and all my affection. I feel relieved.

We are two puzzle pieces ready to fit in. Our whole puzzle is about 300 pieces, because this is as complicated as counting to 3 but worth so much more than millions. He’s worth feeling like this for. I’m barely scared anymore. His face when he thinks I haven’t noticed him staring, it’s stuck in my head. Such gorgeous blue eyes, they just shine through the light and I can’t help but laugh. I feel so happy that I’m forced to laugh with him doing things like this. It feels like when a puppy wants to be pet, they get so adorable it’s impossible to resist. This is corny at it’s best.

I feel so relieved to have found someone like you. Someone who talks to me every day, no matter if we’re in the same room or miles away. You’re someone that makes me so happy, I tried to deny that multiple times. I ruin so many things, I didn’t want this to mean nothing in a few weeks. When you told me you liked me, I could not stop giggling. I am forced to smile because of you, it’s like magic. It’s exciting to see what we’re going to do, and I’m happy I’ve met you.

You have all my attention.

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