I Can Almost See The Light

Someday, I’ll have soft skin. I’ve been saying this since the age of 12. Maybe one day, I won’t hurt myself long enough to be able to love my skin. Every time I deal with beauty compared to everyone else, I panic. I can’t live to anyone’s expectations of me. People think too highly of me, it’s pressure to me. I feel pressured to be perfect, no matter whatever happens to me. I could be going through the toughest time of my life and I’ll still wear makeup. I’ll try to look good for myself and feel better about myself. I like feeling pretty.

I’ve also been in too much trouble for being pretty. No matter what age or time in my life, being pretty caused very harmful things to me. I lived with it all, and I still wear my makeup today like I would every day.

Someday, I’ll walk outside like I used to. I’ll wear my short shorts and my tube tops too. I’ll wear tank tops, and the cutest bikini I can find. Someday, I’ll wear dresses again and I won’t wear tights. I’ll go out wearing a red tank top dress. No one will stop me, I love my body. I love my body, and someday no one will be able to make me scared of it again.

The scars will fade. I’ll cover them with tattoos. I’ll never let the past touch me again. I am so much stronger. No one has a chance at hurting this pretty girl again.


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